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  • Tracy Struthers

Create A Serene Christmas Scene With Beige, White, and Natural Decor.

The holiday season is upon us, and we are slowly getting into the spirit. It seems like yesterday I was putting it all away, back into my Tupperware bins. I always say to myself, every year - "Trace, you have to simplify next Christmas even more!" That little voice in my head, she is always right. So this year, I am.

Christmas and the time around it should be met with the coziest of cozies on, a glass of wine, or hot chocolate in hand, an apple pie baking in the oven, your favorite candle burning, and the fireplace channel on. Unfortunately, this season can be very stressful. I am not sure if it's because I am getting older, or the craziness of the world right now, but I need to create a more peaceful, calmer home environment. I feel, in years past, when decorating for the holidays - the extra decor can bring on some anxiety for me. This season, I am going to be supporting a more beige and white decor scheme, that will cultivate a soft, reposeful, festive touch, and keeping ornamentation minimal.

I love to bring in as many natural elements as possible when accessorizing for the holidays. Wood decor, pine cones, branches, grapevines, wreaths, and garlands, are wonderful ways to bring the outside in. Searching for these items outside versus purchasing storebought greenery can save you a lot of money, and offer a wonderful fresh scent.

In keeping with the white and beige tones, I am selecting fabrics in these tones from my stockings to living room pillow coverings. Over the years, I've used reds and greens for my holiday decorating. I feel opting for only whites and beiges this year will assuredly create that serenity and peacefulness I am needing.

Simple wood ornaments, birch medallions, pine cones, or a small batch of gathered twigs can be so effective if you are seeking a more natural look when decorating your tree. I think what I love the most about this unfussy, subtle way of adorning your tree, is that it feels reminiscent of the olden days, doesn't it?

Opting for a full-on white decor theme is the idyllic way to include the beauty of the snowy outdoors into any home, and create a bright, cheerful but calm atmosphere.

I love to bring in these soft beiges with natural elements of prayer beads, vintage pots, and wood trays, in pockets throughout my home. For me, even though it does have a festive touch, this kind of decorating can be displayed now, and for the full winter season.

I love the inspiration from this table setting. The collected decor of snowy trees to the precious little houses evokes a soothing dining experience for your holiday gathering.

Everyone has their own traditions when it comes to the holidays. I don't tend to put the presents under the tree until Christmas eve. I do, however, love the look of presents for decorating. I take small boxes, and wrap them in beige craft paper and add pine or cedar branch toppers to them. It brings a natural touch to my gifts, and fills the space at the base of the tree, without feeling overdone.

Whatever you decide this year for your holiday season decorating, I know it will be perfect for you and your family. Living in these times of uncertainty, your home is where you find tranquility. May you all have calm and peace as this festive season begins.

Happy Decorating x


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