"Coastal Grandmother" Is This The Design Trend You Have Been Waiting For?

No, we’re not talking about kitschy nautical and lobster themes. It’s a gravitation towards sophistication and easy living - with breezy linens, soft beige and white palettes, scraggly branches in oversized vases, displayed bowls of artichokes and oversized farmhouse kitchens. It's living a more intentioned life with the joy of awakening at six in the morning to watch the sunrise and the promise of a new day, filling your hemp fiber basket with vegetables from your garden and toasting to it all with a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc at sunset.

"Coastal Grandmother" is simple approach that attracts everyone at every age, more so now than ever. It's a deliberate attempt to reject life online, and embrace what is real and true. Where we unplug from the world with bare foot strolls along the beach, with large brimmed straw hats, flowy linen pants and soft light cardigans, with just our thoughts about us. This sort of living isn't limited to being a grandma, or living at the beach. It is really just concentrating on the moments of your life and romanticizing it. It's in the details of reading that book on your chaise lounge or cooking that perfect omelet. It is unapologetically going makeup free, not sucking in your tummy and spending north of $200.00 on a candle and a throw pillow because you can, and want to. Coastal Grandmother is essentially a feeling of come one, come all, and staying in its cozy haven.

Whether you are old or young, oceanside or landlocked, you can become a coastal grandmother by simply adopting this lifestyle with your interiors space, gardening, cooking, and wardrobe.

Here are some simple ways you can achieve this:

1. Kitchens

Using the neutral staple of white walls and light cabinetry, you can easily adapt this vibe by introducing natural woods, fiber and wicker accessories and open kitchen plans. I can just smell the sea air flowing into this space, as preparation of the fresh from the garden spring pea salad is prepared. Coastal grandmother homes and the spaces that lie within them, have been coined 'less, but better.'

2. Living Rooms and Reading Nooks

Photo ~ Serrano Design

It’s all about the details—fresh flowers, the cozy coffee nook, and soft music playing in the background. A space surrounded by natural woods and fibers, fresh linens, vintage books and plants. A space that exudes cozy and safety, with shades of white throughout your furniture and décor choices. As this trend really leans into slow living, fresh flowers are absolutely a must to bring in some color and vibrancy.

3. Your Look


Coastal Grandma look is classic and timeless. It is summed up to imagining Martha Stewart, Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey in their garden or strolling a farmers market. This look is inspired by classic ocean-side minimalism but isn’t overly bourgeois. You likely wouldn't be caught in loud florals, but more inline with lines of crisp neutrals, large brim straw or white cotton bucket hat, and black oversized sunglasses. Oh and don't forget the striped sweater over your shoulders.

Anne Hathaway shared on her Instagram showing her support for the #coastalgrandmother trend and said “may this moment never end.” I completely agree with her, and am delighted as well that this trend is here, as I have always loved this esthetic. Anne and many others along the way, are showing us that this vibe doesn't require being a grandmother or even having to live on the coast. It is finding the joy in the simplicity, that opening a bottle of wine at 4:00 pm is perfectly acceptable, showing up in a straw hat everywhere is likely, and long strolls on the beach happens often. This lifestyle that is refreshingly anything but trendy, may find you admittedly passionate about heirloom tomatoes and aroused by finding that unique vintage coffee table.

The true classic of a white button-down blouse and the white linen drape on our windows will remain a true staple, that will be repeated by generations to come, with their own flair. I see this as a periodic style icon as it focuses on living more with a meaningful approach to how we live and how we see ourselves. #coastalgrandmother

And for that, I am grateful.

Tracy x

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