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  • Tracy Struthers

Brown Color For Interiors Is Back, But Why?

Brown, the color of the year? Who knew! When I think of brown, I think of that old pair of corduroys that I used to wear as a kid, sweater vests, and leather jackets. I am pleased that we are now seeing it in fashion and interior design. But why now?

Living through this very long global pandemic, we see everyone yearning to feel more connected to each other and the spaces around us. Earth tones help a room feel warmer and cozier. Since many of us are developing a deeper appreciation for the outdoors, adding these elements indoors only makes sense. It's no wonder that we are seeing an insurgence of this color. Since colors have a way of evoking a feeling, brown brings a sense of safety and security. It grounds us with its calming and resilient earth-like similarly. We all want our homes to comfort us and promote relaxation, brown can be the solution. We are seeing a desire for homes to embody more spice and character, with warm colors, textures, and unique pieces.

Loloi Rugs / Amber Lewis

When looking at your space, and are wanting to introduce a more earthy feeling, brown is a great choice as it is less harsh than black. Keeping your walls in creamy soft whites, the addition of this color in textured soft furnishings, natural woods, and pottery can achieve a timeless look.

For the last couple of years, it has been a monochromatic aesthetic of white walls and white furnishings. Without changing our white walls, a simple blending in of chocolates and caramels, with our furnishings, area rugs, and artwork can be easily done. They pair well with everything from primary colors (blue, red, green) to jewel tones (orange, mustard, teal) and other neutrals.

Some ways to create a down-to-earth space with brown.

1. Add soft browns like beige, flax, or linen, whether it's with paint, patterned wallpaper, or with your furnishings. These earthy tones will warm up the space, especially in areas that have an abundance of white colors ie: white kitchens.

2. Blend in a combination of cool blues or greens with dark brown. This brings in the natural surroundings of the earth and sky.

3. Mingle a masculine brown with a feminine color, like a light purple or pink, to add softness and interest to a space.

Graham & Brown

If you are motivated to add some earthy accents to your own space, well here is some good news. Brown will be in - FOREVER. As much as we follow and adapt to trends, this will be one of those colors with staying power. Brown has been waiting for its moment for quite some time.

urdesign magazine

Let's welcome the deep chocolates to buttery toffees into our spaces. Brown has been rehabilitated as the go-to color, which will most likely remain a constant. It has emerged as a mainstay in homes. That makes us happy as we are definitely a fan.

Let's get earthy.

Tracy x


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