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Breakfast Themed Charcuterie Boards

How many times have you scanned Pinterest, and admired a gorgeous meat and cheese board, and wondered how to do it? We are showing you an easy way to create one, with a breakfast theme twist. Ooh la la, so fancy.

I can totally see why charcuterie (pronounced shar-COO-tur-ree) boards, are a hit. It's the versatility of them, with all the yummy assortment of foods you can nibble on. I confess I'm a serial nibbler. I would much rather graze than sit down for a full course meal. Charcuterie boards give you everything you desire for a delicious classy combination of sweet and savory, crunchy to creamy variations. The basic goal of a charcuterie board is to create a delicious contrast with each morsel. You may add several different kinds of mustards, or olive oils to dip your bread in for example. Your only limit is your imagination.

These yummy boards are the perfect item to bring to gatherings, or just to present to your family as a fun way to enjoy a meal or even a snack. A notable fact of charcuterie boards is their flexibility. Simply by knowing the crowd you are feeding, you can adjust the amount of food by portions, conform to dietary needs or get creative with colors or food from other origins.

So, what do you need to create a charcuterie board?

1. The Platter

Wood and marble are the most popular board choices. This is the foundation of your creation, so the size and shape will need to match the occasion, and what you are serving. You want the shape, for example, to compliment the food you are serving. It's wise to be mindful of the size of the board, for the larger you go, the more money you will spend to fill it up.

2. The Dishes

Dishes create height, structure, and interest on the board. Little bowls to hold things like berries, dips, oils, are perfect. I prefer ones that don't match each other. Use whatever you have on hand, from small mason jars, ramekins, or even shot glasses, to host these small treats.

3. The Food

For our breakfast charcuterie boards, we will want to plan out our food to compliment this theme. I choose items that everyone will reach for, but also want some elements of surprise on there to create interest.

Here is how we will build ours.

My Breakfast Board Staples:

- Blueberries

- Strawberries

- Grapes

- Grapefruit

- Eggs

- Pancakes

- Maple Syrup

Some surprises:

- Strawberry greek yogourt

- Coffee cake

- Granola

- Aged cheddar cheese

- Rum roasted pineapple

Step One:

Build your structure, with the board of your choice and your llittle dishes. Fill your dishes with your syrup, granola, rum roasted pineapple, eggs, and strawberry greek yogurt.

Step Two.

Add your cheese, coffee cake, pancakes, bacon, and sausages. Be creative with your placement.

Step Three.

Add your fruit. Don't forget the garnish!

And Voila. It looks like a masterpiece. Almost too good to eat? Nah, let's dive in.

What a fun, and delicious way to enjoy a Sunday brunch, or go a bit crazy, and have breakfast for supper? Give it a try, and be sure to expect a heap of compliments from your family or your gathering.

Happy Eating x

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