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  • Tracy Struthers

Beauty in Simplicity.

We can so forget in the randomness of things, and not see the beauty that surrounds us when we are trying to get home to get supper ready, or rushing to get to a business meeting on time. What did we miss to see? Was there a beautiful sunset we didn't notice, could there have been a beautiful 90-year-old woman sitting in this coffee shop this morning, with her little purse and bird broach on her jacket, with just the sweetest smile.

There is poetry in everything. Can things be just this simply?

Why are we here? Why are here at this moment?

Do we live in the moment, or do we look at the big picture of our life? Would looking at the big picture be looking at your home, and taking it from chaotic to calming? Would this change the way we look and feel about our house? How would you accomplish this transition? I have known many people who have sold everything they have, literally everything and bought a van and traveled the world., to be reminded of the things in life that matter. Could you do this? Do you need to do this to see the everyday beauty of things? Alternatively, maybe we can be reminded of it if we simplified?

What if you walked into your home and decided to sell 70% of everything you own? Keep only what you need. How would that make you feel? Empty without your possessions, or free from the burden of it. Without the chaos of stuff, can you see the beauty that exists in your home, that you couldn't see before? Beautiful hardwood floors that gleam and dance in the sunlight without the intrusion of so much furniture. The simplicity of decor that, when your eyes happen upon it, has meaning to you.

I feel a home is a spiritual place, where it is an awakening; you do not want to run from it, only to it.

When I entered into this world of design, all I ever wanted to accomplish was creating spaces that had meaning. Real meaning. It doesn’t mean the latest sale of items, to then throw out later. It means to surround myself with pieces that almost welcome me when I walk in the door. They say “take off your shoes and stay awhile. Let us take the stress of the day away”. When you visit my home, the pieces and furnishing you see – are meaningful, but minimal. I wanted to design decor that translated my passion for simple, gorgeous pieces. Some people told me you would never make it, and I had some people say that people don't recognize the quality of design, and wouldn’t pay for it. When you have a passion though, you have to see it through.

I am not even sure that I can ever put into words, how it can feel to see a finished product of a dream. I wanted to design meaningful pieces that homeowners love, are so proud of. My love for the Scandinavian culture, way of life has translated into my design. Less is more, nature, family, wholesome, minimal, life and happiness. I feel that being selective on the pieces you have is so much more fulfilling than having an abundance of furnishings and decor.

My first piece of many pieces to come was a coffee table. Why a coffee table. You gather around it as a family. You put your most favorite things on it. Your kids draw on it, your morning coffee – 6 pm wine goes on it., your feet go on it, it grounds your room and likely will be the center of attention in any gathering. It is the ultimate piece and most important piece of your living room that you never even thought of – until now.

Welcome to the Lonn coffee table., I am so very proud of it. Soft as silk to the touch, and colors from the grains, so stunning, but yet so subtle. Designed to bring elegance but simplicity to a room, and offer a balance to all decors, with a nod of Scandinavian flair. It is made only the best master craftsman in Quebec, and our precious maple trees in Canada.

The Lonn is a statement piece. Demands attention for its beauty and can hold the design of the room, without the need of much more decor around it. It is beautiful but simple. Modern but adaptable. It is the Lonn. Pure and Simple. A selective furnishing with a less is more approach. If would like to learn more about The Lonn, in my Leif Decor line, please connect with me.

Thank you for letting me share of bit of my story with you.

Live simple, love your space

Tracy x


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