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  • Tracy Struthers

Awesome Easter Ideas To Do With Your Kiddos.

Some of our favorite memories when raising our kids, was all the amusing and creative things we did with them. Now as adults, our kids reminisce about the good old days. It's funny really. They don't seem to revive memories about the big stuff we did or presents we gave them. It seems to be the really simple things they remember. They tell us often how they loved the after-school snacks waiting for them when they arrived from home. Or, when we read books to them every night, and how Sean and I fell asleep before the story was done.

With all of us being home right now and isolating, it will be this time with your kids, that will be remembered by them the most. It's funny how something so insane and scary like this virus is, can have a positive impact on our children? What I mean is, to them, they are getting 100% of your time. Let me repeat this, 100% of your time. To them, they have hit the jackpot. Can you even wrap your head around how much they are loving this? You are all creating games, activities, and practicing home-schooling to keep them occupied and happy. It almost feels like we re-winded 50 years, doesn't it? So instead of video games, iPads, and all the latest gadgets, why not turn it all off and go old school?


I highly recommend reading books aloud to your kids. It stimulates their imagination, expands their understanding of the world, and develops their language and listening skills. We read a ton of books to our kids when they were young, and they always enjoyed these classics.

It speaks about the story of Easter, to the candy crazy cubs. Great story, informative, entertaining with some really nice graphics. Includes a sheet of colorful stickers.

Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter is celebrating Easter in this classic, funny, and heartwarming book. Dyeing eggs, searching for baskets, or snacking on sweets, both parents and children alike will relate to this beloved story. A perfect way to celebrate the Easter holiday!

Paint Easter Eggs.

I remember how much my kids loved painting their Easter eggs. It's such a classic thing to do at Easter. It has been a tradition for decades enjoyed by parents and kids alike. Eggs are often associated with the celebration of spring, and the new life that comes after winter. Paint them, put stickers on them, your kid's imagination will soar (and maybe yours too). You can use real eggs, but I would suggest using these plastic ones, which really are ideal for little hands.

Get Creative.

I cannot believe they still offer Play-Doh! My kids spent hours and hours making shapes and animals. I thought this would be so perfect for some Easter activities for your kids. I can tell you from experience, it is a hit. Using playdough is a calming activity, and can be useful to help your children to release any anxiety or tension during these trying times. Squash it, squeeze it, roll it, chop it, rake it, poke it and shred it, it's just a lot of fun that all kids will love.

Would your kids know what hopscotch is? If not, teach them!. So fun. Drawing creations and games on the pavement are not only great activities while you are looking for fun things for them to do, but can educational as well. Self-portraits, tic tac toe, long jump, and twister are all fun games that every age will enjoy, at home in your drive-way. Plus, it gets us out of the house and into some fresh air.

It is going to be a different Easter this year, no question. How tremendous would it be if your kids only remembered the time and fun they had with their family? If we can take anything away from COVID -19, it would be how important our family is, now more than ever.

Be safe, smile and have some fun with your children.

Tracy x


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