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  • Tracy Struthers

Approaching The 50 Zone.

You know when you turn 50, going bra-less means it pulls all the wrinkles out of your face!


You know you’re fifty when your idea of getting lucky is being able to find your car in a shopping center parking lot in the first try.

Ladies, ladies, ladies – the punch lines are funny, but the commonality is real. Don't you love that women feel more empowered the older we get?

Next year I am turning 49. The big 5-0 is outside my door, like the big bad wolf and I am one of the three little pigs. But honestly, it is just an age, right? It will be me only better just like a vintage wine. In today’s world, women are celebrating aging. For all my young readers in your 20's and 30's who are reading this, you’re going to be here one day. So buckle up because the best is yet to come.

I spent so much time in my youth getting my career going, having babies and buying my first home. In that, a lot of money was spent on how I looked. Why did I spend so much money on getting tortured with wooden popsicle sticks and wax, just to have the same smooth legs that a $7 razor could do? Tanning booths to highlighting my hair. I should have saved every penny instead and invested it more wisely.

I had youth on my side then. Now and again, I do indulge in manicures and go for the odd facial (they feel amazing). I am much wiser about how I spend my money now though. I have finally mastered the perfect eyebrows that I do on my own, visit Karen my stylist every three weeks for a root touch up and my "Michelle Obama" arms are coming along great from lifting weights. Just because I am approaching 50, doesn't mean I am settling for looking less than my best. I am just not going to spend a fortune doing it.

Why does society dictate the rules? They say women my age should keep their hair shoulder length. Why do we have to conform to what society says we should do? I am not going to start dressing more mature because that is what "they" say I should do! I am choosing outfits that I love and also make me feel great wearing them. If you choose to dress more mature for yourself or want your hair short, then I say go for it. But do it for you, not because society says so.

By the time I reach 50 years old I hope to have checked off or started this list. I am sure you all can relate to some of them?

Maybe you have a list of your own?

- Launch a new business

- Run my social media and website for my business.

- Have several mammograms

- Buy the right sized bra

- Say no without feeling guilty

- Use a mitre saw

- Go to a movie by myself

- Start a blog (here I am)

- Figure out which way is north, which way is east etc.

- Graciously accept a compliment

- Public speak without nausea

- Speak my mind without fear of consequence

- Not care if someone doesn’t like me

- Learn a foreign language and travel there

- Invest in a stock market

Today, I realize that it's a privilege to grow older. I know many ladies in my time that would have loved to reach 50, 60, 70 years old. So let us all be easier on ourselves, and know we are all in this together.

Give me a great pair of Spanx, durable eye cream, good reading glasses to pluck the grays in my eyebrows and hair on my chin and neck. May there always be lots of red wine to laugh about it all– and great family and friends beside me.

At 49, I am just getting started.

Live simple, love your age

Tracy x


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