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  • Tracy Struthers

4 Things Worth Splurging On, And Alternate Dupes.

True enough, decorating a home can be expensive. It is very easy to consider cheaper options, especially if you're looking at redoing your whole home at once. There is nothing worse than purchasing cheaper alternatives, like a sofa for example, and in year two of owning it, the cushions have lost their shape.

Here are some furniture and home decor items that are worth splurging on.

Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Your kitchen cabinetry is one of the areas you shouldn't skimp on. The daily use they get with the kitchen being the busiest hub of your home means investing in high-quality cabinets is a wise idea. If you ever wanted to refinish and change your hardware down the road to reflect new trends, you can. Cheap cabinets, whether you paint them later or not will always look cheap, even with new hardware or countertops.

Your Flooring


Investing in engineered wood flooring (a type of flooring that's specially made to be durable) is worth its weight in gold. The daily wear of the floors is a major factor in selecting your flooring. You simply don't want to be careful walking around on your floors, especially if you plan on raising kids in your home. Plus, real wood can prevent the warping of the boards in humidity.

Your Furniture

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It's well worth finding good furniture, like couches and armchairs that you'll use on a daily basis. There are cheap options out there for lounging, but this is one place you shouldn't be stingy. You are going to want arms that won't loosen over time, and cushions that hold their shape. This type of quality comes from the softest fabrics that perform well with repelling stains and pilling. So don't be hesitant to spend some money here, as you will want to keep these pieces for a long time.

Your Sheets

Your bed is where you lay your head every night for rest, so you may want to step up your bedding. Cheap sheets, won't wear well over time and will pill, which then make for some good rags. Pick the most comfortable bedding you can afford, and maybe a neutral color as to not compete with your decor. They will feel nice and last you a long time.

After you have splurged on the things you should spend more money on, you can then have some fun finding deals, or look-alikes, that cost less but look as incredible. I have compiled a couple of dupes just to show you, with a bit of research you can decorate, for less.

Next time you are buying things for your home, take note of its price tag. Is this something that needs to be spent to get the quality you need for a particular space, or is it something that with a little shopping around might save you a couple of dollars? Overall, have fun creating a home that you will cherish.

Live simple, love your space ...I always say.

Tracy x


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