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3 Styles I Am Loving for 2020.

From my favorite home décor stores to Instagram feeds, it's hard not to love these incredible styles I am seeing everywhere. From woods, metals to concrete I am so excited about where textiles, lighting, furniture, and flooring are going. If you appreciate great design, as I do, then you are going to love what is in store for us décor enthusiasts. I have included 3 styles I am seeing for this year and a shopping guide for you to find them.

Casual Elegance has always been a go-to for me when choosing pieces for my home. The calming vibes from the earth tones, the natural textures from wood, burlap to crisp white linens and cotton. It is a favorite look for those looking for more of a subtle palette for their home. I love the warm welcome of this style, where your guests can't wait to go into the room and make themselves feel at home.

Modern Meets Vintage way of styling is such an interesting way to achieve a distinguished space for your home. Trends are now showing how incorporating vintage pieces to your modern décor, can achieve that edgy and clean sophistication you are looking for – but with a worldly feel. Brass pendant lights and French-inspired beveled mirror play together nicely to achieve this look. You can't help but be inspired. Just think of the conversations you will have when guests see your space.

Concrete, Metal, and Glass is something I have to say I am truly excited about. We are seeing an insurgence of concrete sinks, countertop, and yes even bathtubs in residential homes. It is the beauty of it? Or is it the unexpected new concept of it? Compliment your concrete pieces with a stunning glass chandelier and velvety soft green throws. Include a lamp with a copper aluminum shade and a concrete base, and now you have a fascinating space.

There are so many remarkable home decor styles coming our way that I am so excited about. I am not about throwing things away or being wasteful though. Yes, keeping your home updated is important, but can we find uses for the items we no longer want? How about donating? Decorating and redesigning spaces is appealing, but choose careful ok? Be prepared to keep what you buy for a long time. Let's stop being the "throw it out society" and start making better choices. Buy quality and love it for a long time.

I hope I have inspired you with some of these uplifting decorating ideas for your home. 2020 is going to be a great one.

Happy Shopping.

Tracy x

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