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So last year, I got to a point where I realized that I needed to make some changes. Changes about the way I thought about things, how I felt about myself, my health, my finances and things in my marriage. Finances, and being healthy in that respect, meant putting myself on a budget. Self-help books, seminars, and therapy were not an option at that moment. My son, who is a huge podcast listener suggested I give one a try. So, I did. I listened to a couple but found it hard to slow down enough to pay attention. I found my mind wondering and not hearing the words they were saying. Relaxing and focusing is something I need to work on. One big wrapped up ball of stress, that's ready to burst. I didn't give up though. I spent some time googling podcast about things I needed to learn about. I didn't just find one, I found three! I would like to share them with you.


WHY DO I POOP MORE WHEN I AM ON MY PERIOD? What? Did she say that,

and OUT LOUD? This was the first thing that entered my earbuds when I was on the treadmill. Shocked from hearing it, I nearly fell while running. I immediately stopped and regained my composure, because I like having my body not resemble a bad bike crash. I have done a bike crash, actually twice. That’s a whole other blog.

I knew from that opening line, that it would be a good podcast. It’s about two women who are besties, sometimes drinking wine and sometimes not. They say things that I would only think about but never say out loud. No topic is off the table. Not sure about you, but when I sit around in a group of women, I tend to be the one who doesn’t say anything. Shocking as it may seem, it’s true. I remember a recent Christmas gathering with some ladies, and the conversation was mostly about period underwear, how great they are! I said nothing. Why is it so hard for me to open up about this stuff, while other women speak so freely? I have always been this way in groups, and tend to keep my thoughts to myself.

“Call Your Girlfriend, with Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow”, is everything and anything from women’s rights, skin color, friendship, and body image. It is stuff we all think about. They are so much fun to listen to as well. Saying poop and period on here is hard for me. I even second-guessed writing these words in this blog. I feel that Ann and Aminatou give me permission or maybe the courage to say what I want. If they can talk about it, then darn it I can too! It certainly has given me the freedom to think about things differently, and know that it is ok to loosen up a bit. I highly recommend download one of their podcasts. Go pour yourself a glass of wine, and listen along. You will love them.


Those of you in it, know that it can be really good, and then sometimes really hard. Yeah, I feel I have a good marriage. I do. Somedays things are so good and we are sailing through it blissfully like butterflies. But, somedays, I want to throw anything I can get my hands on at his head. Maybe that wooden spoon, maybe the TV remote, heck maybe the coffee table! I don’t, but I feel like it sometimes. Who can relate to this? I love Sean but know there are many areas of improvement, probably me more than him. We are celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary this summer, and I am happy every day for it. We still though have communication issues and we do tend to take each other for granted at times.

I found this podcast called “Where Should We Begin” by Esther Perel. It’s very raw and hits home hard. This one podcast I listened to, had a real-life couple discuss their divorce, and why it works for them. A deep emotional voyage into their marriage, and the breakdown of it. They were crying, I was crying – it was something. I learned about how we can lose ourselves in our relationships, and forget to put our needs first. I listened and related to their story, and took some of it to heart knowing I have some stuff to work on. Things they were feeling while married, I feel in our marriage at times. It is so healthy to know that others feel how I feel. I am grateful they dared to speak about it on a podcast for us all to learn from. If you are interested in self-improvement for you, your relationships or your marriage, I encourage you to listen to it. Have some tissues, you will need them.


If you have hundreds of ideas swimming around in your head as I do, it takes a lot of self-discipline and courage to navigate your dreams. Year one of Tracy Struthers Lifestyle, my business, was a bust. I was inspired in so many different directions that it didn’t play well for my business. Its path was a zig-zag penciled path, instead of a straight line in permanent marker. I was unclear in my direction. Social media was so distracting for me. OH, I like them and what they do, I want to do that! Oh, now I like them, so now I want to do that. I was spinning my tires. The words “What is your plan and how are you going to get there” changed the way I saw my business.

Welcome to Rachel Hollis. Loved by thousands of people, who would have to agree with me, she changed their vision. I had to do the work though. I had to make some hard decisions about my business but then allowed me to identify what I wanted to do, and what Tracy Struthers Lifestyle, would become.

The Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis, I promise you, will CHANGE how you see yourself and change how you run your business. She is deeply passionate about having a joyful life and achieving, no, I mean SLAYING your goals. She is fun to listen to and she knows what she is talking about. She is a small powerhouse of knowledge, love, and inspiration that you can't help but want to listen to. Rachel WILL change your way of thinking about yourselves and your goals. She is an accredited author, self-taught millionaire that travels the world to inspire. She will motivate you, make you laugh, get up and dance and even cry.

Give these 3 podcasts a listen. Let me know if you like them?

Thank you for allowing me to come out of my comfort zone and share some things with you. I hope you found some inspiration here on your own journey.

As Rachel Hollis says " Today, Choose Joy"

Tracy x

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