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  • Tracy Struthers

3 Amazing Businesses to visit in Belleville, Ontario

Connon Nurseries

If you love gardening, decorating and eating, as I do – you have to visit these 3 businesses.

Belleville has everything you could ever need, and we are growing. Toronto folks are coming this way, because they see a way of life, that possibly a big city isn't fulfilling for them. Our air is cleaner, our grass is more abundant, and our neighbors are friendlier. We bring thousands of tourists every year, for all the splendor around us, from Prince Edward County to Presquile Park. They come to visit our beautiful beaches, gorgeous blue waters, extensive golf courses, amazing campgrounds, second to none vineyards, delicious restaurants, and passionate businesses. These are just a few reasons why Belleville is an exceptional place to visit and live.

Connon Nurseries

Connon Nurseries

My favorite thing to do every spring is to walk around Connon Nurseries. It is therapeutic for me, to say the very least. I close my eyes and hear the birds and the soft wind. There is always something new and exciting. I am told they sell the most extensive variety of chili pepper plants from mild to OMG my mouth is burning.

They are growers too, from beautiful spruce trees to specialized plants for your garden. I see their passion behind every pansy, every apple tree, every water lily.

Connon Nurseries, backyard pond features

Connon Nurseries - Beautiful Lilacs and Hydrangeas, plus so much more

You will be impressed, and likely overwhelmed by their vast variety of stock, ready for you to take home. They provide seminars and employ knowledgeable friendly staff, who are prepared to help you with any project you are undertaking.

Choosing a company like Connon Nurseries will give you second to none selection and variety.

Drive there, get out of your car, and experience heaven on earth.

They are located on highway #2, halfway between Belleville and Trenton, 956A Old Highway #2, RR#2 Trenton Ontario. Visit their website at

Farmers Daughter Sub Shoppe

Farmers Daughter Sub Shoppe

The smell of fresh bread, seasoned meat smoking in the back, the modern farmhouse feel, chalkboards, historical wallpaper, rustic wood accents, red metal tractor seat stools.

Farmers Daughter Sub Shoppe

I love the food just as much as the decor. My favorite is the Farmers Daughter sub (Their Sub with Apple , Brie Cheese, Cranberry Salsa and Wood Fired Turkey), but seriously – you cannot go wrong.

They are passionate about what they do, and it shows. Their food is prepared with the same care as you would find sitting around a farmers dinner table, an abundance of choice prepared with love. I am told that the Farmers Daughter business was inspired by her father's core influences of making new, healthy food, with love and passion.

Delicious subs at Farmers Daughter Sub Shoppe

Delicious food, dedication, and such a friendly staff.

Farmers Daughter has brought us something extraordinary.

Their address is 1-1325 Old Highway 2, Quinte West, Ontario, or read about their story at

Finkle Electric and the Pinnacle Room

Beautiful Lighting from Finkle Electric

100 years in business. You certainly don't hear of that anymore. Finkle Electric has been a staple here in Belleville; they have sold lighting and electrical services to generations of families. I heard about something fantastic that was happening at their business. The Pinnacle Room. An interior decorators dream. Beautiful decor pieces, stunning artwork, incredible dishware, and irresistible pieces to compliment any home.

The Pinnacle Room

Recently, I paid a visit to Finkle Electric, as I was in search of specific lighting for a client. I walked out with the lighting I needed, and a wanting for these adorable mugs from their new decor line.

The Pinnacle Room

Lighting selection, quality and customer service is the foundation of what has kept Finkle Electric a strong business here in Belleville. Their Pinnacle Room decor is what will keep us decor enthusiasts hungry for more.

The Pinnacle Room - A new family member to Finkle Electric

The Pinnacle Room, a new family member to Finkle Electric.

After 100 years, they remain such an essential part of our community, and I know for myself, I am so proud to support them.

Visit their showroom at 334 Pinnacle Street Belleville, Ontario, or go to their website

As a local business, I am such a proud supporter of what we have to offer from businesses to an incredible way of life, here in Belleville. I wouldn't trade living here for anywhere. I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of some of my favorite local destinations to visit. I know you will agree, they are all pretty fantastic.

Live simple, love your space - and your city !

Tracy x


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