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23 things you didn’t know about me (that might surprise you).

I am opening the curtains to give you a peak of who I am. Every week I bring you decorating advice, or how to live better, or I feature some of my favorite businesses. This is an unfamiliar side of me, that may surprise you, or maybe not. You might relate to it, and you may even have a little laugh. Drum roll please…

1). I use to wear my pants too high. Before I started to blossom around 10 years old (a nice way of saying no boobs, no hips), I used to wear my jeans or yes even corduroys, as high as I could. With my Kmart running shoes, and jeans ready to avoid any flood, that was my look.

2). I was a tomboy. Yeah. Crooked teeth, bony scraped up legs and dirty knees. I rode horses bareback with my cousin Lori and Darla, played baseball games and square danced (not professionally, just family parties). I certainly wasn’t as good as my cousins, THEY were professionals.

3). I dated guys with letter T's in high school. Terry, Trevor, and Tim. Met my husband (who is an S) in college and the rest is history.

4). I had a cockroach infested apartment. At 18 years old, getting my own place was pretty sweet. When the bugs started showing up behind my television screen, I knew I had to move out.

5). My first adult job. I accepted a job as a receptionist at 18 years old and cried to my mother on the local pay phone during my lunch hour saying that I couldn’t do it. “Mom, they want me to send faxes, WHAT ARE FAXES?” Wow. Have I ever grown?

6). I tried to be a model. I made it to the interview, where they told me I was too fat, and to not bother applying. That was it for modeling for me.

7). I met my husband in college. He took me on our first date, to the Sandbanks beach in Picton, Ontario where we drank a magnum of Moody Blue. It’s sort of a pimped up grape juice. Cheap and effective.

8). Our first apartment. A tiny space where we had Shiloh the deaf white cat who loved to lick plastic bags, Rush the lazy male cat who slept all the time (literally), and MOJO the iguana who loved to escape and go running down the hallways of the 11th-floor apartment building.

9). I had a boob job. Well, I guess I mean a boob reduction. Having my two children, and being from large breasted family, I went from a large DD cup to a happy C. Best decision I made in my early 40’s. Sadly my husband is still morning the old girls.

10). I want to own a goat farm, with a couple of horses in the country, and a big old barn. I am working towards this dream.

11). I hate driving over bridges. I am so scared going over them that I hold my breath.

12). My linen closet/ towel drawer and purse. I cannot seem to get it together and keep them tidy

13). I have a horrible memory.

14). I love telling bad jokes. I usually forget parts of them though by the time I get to tell anyone. (refer back to number 13)

15). I go to Chinese buffets for the macaroons.

16). I can’t sew. Tried and failed. Not even buttons.

17). I don't like thrift stores but love antique shopping.

18). I am a list maker and get a high ticking off completed items.

19). I grew up in Quebec, but I really can’t speak French anymore.

20). I don’t have any tattoos, but I am thinking about getting a matching one with my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary.

21). I love cheese wiz and cheese.

22). I crave the acceptance of others and am bothered if I think people are mad at me.

23). I love to inspire people, make people laugh, and be kind.

Well, I think that will be all today.

I love that you all come back every week to check in and read my latest blogs. This was a fun one for me to write, and I hope you all enjoyed it.

Live simple, love your space

Tracy x

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