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  • Tracy Struthers

21 Of My Absolute Favorites. Complete Shopping Guide.

As you all know, I am 100%, hands-down without a doubt an immense supporter of local products and companies. I am also a supporter of really great products that I enjoy using and/or wearing. You will see me also featuring products from larger corporations now and again. Today I will be talking about local and national companies, with some of the products I love.

You all know as well, that when I find something I LOVE, I cannot help but tell you all about it. That is because we’re a family right? We come together every week and share stories of our lives.

Every day I am approached by companies that want me to try their products. I have to say, I love this. It kind of makes a girl feel special, know what I mean? I am picky though. If I am going to feature products from local or nationwide companies, I am making sure I am happy with them as a company first. Are they doing everything they can for our environment? Will their products make my life (and your life) better? That’s the criteria.

Who doesn't love a great pair of shoes, or the perfect throw pillow? Everyone including me - loves a bargain. In keeping with not becoming a "throw out generation", I would prefer to feature my favorites that would serve more like a staple in your home and your closets. Things you will keep for years to come.

Here is your shopping guide to 21 of my absolute favorite things.

Easy shopping links for you to buy:

#1 Donellan New Firefly 45-Light LED Sputnik Modern Linear Chandelier,

#2 Aritzia Wilfred Emmy Sweater

#3 Aritzia Wilfred Paperbag Pant

#4 Zara Canada - Slouchy Heeled Leather Boots

#5 Zara Canada - Suede Oval Crossbody Bag

#6 Aritzia Super Pouffe Tote

#7 Stadum Designs inc. Leather Armchair "Alice"

#8 Ikea Dunmal Throw, white

#9 Busadesigns Pillow Covers

#10 Antique Brass Table Lamp

#11 Wayfair Wilfong Wood End Table

#12 Zara Mom Fit Jeans

#13 Zara Lightweight Puffer Jacket

#14 Sweet Sips Mugs

#16 Joe Fresh Turtleneck

#17 Lakeside Knits Company - Double Brimmed Beanie

#18 The Pinnacle Room Smug Mugs

#19 Rawdon Creek Soap Co., Buffalo Mike Soap

#21 Leif Decor Barn Board Box

Thank you for having some fun with me today. Whether you love great fashion, appreciate amazing products or a decor junkie like me, there is something here for everyone.


Live simple, and go shopping

Tracy x


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