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  • Tracy Struthers

14 Wall Art Ideas For Inspiration In Every Room.

You have just repainted your space and it's a blank canvas. You may consider putting your existing artwork back up, or, you may want to branch out, get creative, and try something new.

The wall art you choose is a very important step in the decorating process. It is like putting on those pair of earrings last, once your outfit is on, your make up is perfect and your hair is set. You buy the earrings to compliment your outfit and to tie your look all together. Wall art is very much like this.

Your furnishings will speak to your personal design style, but wall art can bring your space alive with incredible interest.

There are so many ways to invite wall art into your home. You may strive for a more subtle palette, with a powerful sense of peace. Or, you may come alive with loud pops of color. Perhaps you are one to find other outlets to decorate your walls than the traditional ways. You know what you like, you may just need a bit of inspiration to get you there.

Let's get inspired.

Serene Wall Inspiration

Sarah Swanson

Artwork that is soft and subtle, can be very inspiring if your desired outcome for your room is to be serene. Gold, brushed nickel, or white frames to host your artwork, are great choices. These kinds of paintings can relieve tension, encourage creative thinking, and lower your stress level. It can leave you feeling mentally clear and calm.

Small Space Collaborations

Yana Semour

Even small spaces can host marvelous wall art. In this scenario, it takes a bit more finesse. With simple frames, all matching, or a half/half scheme - can create an interesting punch of character, with a big impact. The smaller the frames, the larger the wall feels.

Unique Frames

I love these frames I put my family photos in. It is a terrific way to add interest to any room. You can't go wrong with this inspiration. Barnboard, pine boards, or maybe even wide metal frames, are wonderful ways to host these amazing photos.

Your Collectibles.

Creating a wall of collections, whether it is cutting boards, maps, cowboy hats, baskets, or a variety of mirrors in several shapes and metals, will really show off your interests. These are what I call "neat conversation pieces" - that will accent any room of your house.

Plant Lovers.

If you "brake for plants" as I do, then I know you will love this unique wall art as well. What an incredible way to give center stage to the succulents in your living room, dining room, and maybe even above your bed. Keeping the wood boxes open without a backing, with a matching stain, allows you to get creative with the sizes and spacing on the wall. The wall art is cohesive without making it appear overdone and clunky.

Vintage Farmhouse Impact

Walls of Wisdom

Ok, let's get our Joanna Gaines on. Oversized vintage metal and canvas signs can really add a punch of excitement to any space and are neat alternatives to traditional wall art. They are highly sought after by collectors, because of their ability to establish some history, and initiate great conversations.

Flea Market Finds

Wall art can really be, so many things. There are many ways to express your style, you just have to seek your inner creative self. Flea markets, antique shops, or even facebook marketplace, can be great sources when seeking out unique ideas. Vintage posters, magazine covers, printed towels, handkerchiefs, or hand drawings can be framed and displayed for a one of a kind look for your artwork.

Themed Wall Decor

Maybe you love the ocean, or birds, or old pictures of barns. By keeping the theme consistent, it is a wonderful way to exhibit some of the things that you love.

Picture Frame Ledge.

Home on Oak

A picture ledge is the easiest way to get photos or wall art up on your walls. You just set your pieces inside the ledge, and voila! They are displayed. It makes switching out your family photos and artwork so easy. It only takes minutes to refresh.

Oversized Art

Doris Leslie Blau

Including an oversized print in your space will increase the visual impact, and it really is an effortless way to create a memorable space. Choosing maps, florals, seascapes, black & whites, landscapes or abstracts, is a stunning way to include wall art and bring a room alive.

Not For The Fridge Anymore.

La Raie Creative

If your kids love art as much as mine did when they were younger, then your fridge and bulletin boards are likely full of their signature pieces. Bring some wall art to a stairwell, or display in your living room. By keeping the frames and matts in matching colors, will allow the artwork to shine and really stand out.

A Gallery Wall of Interest

How about a gallery wall? Here, you can play with different shapes, mix-matching metal tones, add various shapes, and colors. The tip of a great gallery wall is to find your anchor piece and plot your arrangement using kraft paper. Measure out the shapes of the items you desire to hang onto the paper and cut then out. By doing this technique of taping the shaped paper to your wall, will eliminate holes to the wall, and can be easily moved around until you have your desired artwork placement.

Stickers and Markers

Daring Walls

Now you are thinking outside of the box. Create spectacular wall art with a special marker or custom stickers. Wall murals such as these, can take a space from the everyday to exceptional. Showcase your inner artists, and add some flair and fun to any sized room.



The pattern of your wallpaper and placement of it can be an exciting and interesting way to create an incredible decoration for your home. With such a vast selection of styles to choose from, you can really add key pockets of interest with it, maybe on an accent wall in a living room, or to accentuate a narrow hallway.

I hope you have found some inspiration. Your home is your canvas. Your walls surround you and keep you safe, so why not showcase the best of you and your interest within them? Be a little daring and try something different, you really have nothing to lose. So think outside the box, be creative, and let's see some amazing wall art.

Happy Decorating x

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