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  • Tracy Struthers

12 Questions I Frequently Get Asked, From Decorating to Aging.

I get asked a lot of random questions and sometimes my answers surprise people. What do I do, where did I grow up, things that I have purchased, and on and on. I was thinking about the most frequent ones I get quizzed about, and felt since we are all friends, why not get to know each other better. So in no specific order, and without further adieu, let's get to them.

1). Tracy, where are you from?

Well, I come from a very small town north of Montreal, Quebec named St-Hippolyte. We had one corner store, one main stop sign, and no stoplights. Since this was a predominately french-speaking area, I rode 2 buses, 2 hours twice daily to get to the only English high school. It was country living at its very finest where I rode my bike to get anywhere, mostly to ride horses with my cousins Lori and Darla at their farm whenever I could. My life was full of family time, fresh air, large lakes to swim in the summer, and mountains to cross country ski in the winter. Even though I could speak french (not great but passable) - it is now gone. I can still say "Un Verre de Vin rouge, S'il Vous Plait". A glass of red wine, please. So all is good in my world.

2). Are you married?

Yes, going on 27 years now. I married a skinny curly-haired cutie that I met in college (he says that I stalked him) and he often jokes about the motorcycle that he sold to buy my engagement ring, but whatever. We have been together ever since. It's a great life, and we laugh a lot.

3). Have you always been an Interior Decorator?

No, actually. I have been working in the advertising industry for the last 25 years. I studied to become a decorator 7 years ago and began my business. Yes, to this day, I still love my two careers. I cannot imagine a day in my life that I don't have both. Helping people with their business, and decorating a home to make lives better - are two of my favorite things. I'm thankful and feel very lucky.

4). Who helps you with your Interior Decorating Company and Home Store?

I do refer to "we" a lot when referencing the business, so I guess this is a valid question. I couldn't honestly run this business without help. Sean my husband, is in charge of the administration work and keeps me reeled in when I try to take on too many projects. Nathan, my son takes care of all the photography and video, and social media support. When my daughter Leigha is home, she helps me with the store, product shot ideas, and inspiration. My father who was a master craftsman by trade, builds products for the Tracy Home Collection, in his very impressive workshop in Madoc, Ontario. My friend Krista, who is a professional seamstress, is responsible for the gorgeous pillow covers that we offer in our collection. I truly have a great team.

5). Tell us something that would surprise us?

Ok, you asked for it. I won the girl with the longest legs contest in high school, I have a crush on Brad Pitt, I love Cheez Whiz, and I very rarely make it through a meal without something on my face or on my shirt. Plus, I can never spell February and hors d'oeuvres (but who can, am I right?). I am sure I have more, but that's all I am willing to part with for now.

6). What advice would you give any homeowner who wants to sell their home?

If you are selling your home, update it, whether it's fresh paint, new flooring, or kitchen/bathroom remodel. You will reap the benefit from your closing price. My best advice to any homeowner is, don't wait until you decide to sell to make your home look its best. Not only will you not get to enjoy the renovations, but you will also pay higher prices because you now don't have time to shop for deals. Always be updating! Trends and styles change all the time, so stay with them.

7). Will you ever open bricks and mortar location for your home store?

Great question, one I get asked ALOT. With juggling two careers, I am happy with how things are for now with my Homestore online. But yes, I have thought about it, and if it does happen, it will be spectacular.

8). What are some of the worst things you have seen in people's homes?

Wall to wall carpeting in bathrooms and 3 piece all matching bath rug sets (you know, the rug that sits in front of your vanity, one that curves around the bottom of the toilet, and a toilet seat cover). They still sell these!! Ah - WHAT! Oh, and border wallpaper, there is simply no excuse for that.

9). How do I stay in shape with such a heavy workload?

I used to run, a lot, but I hurt my back so it's been hard to get into it again. When my daughter came home recently, she introduced us to a youtube exercise trainer - Sydney Cummings, and now 3-4 times a week I am working out with her. Granted, my first week I was really sore and had the worst time just doing everyday things like ...walking. I do swear at Sydney, like ALOT because it's a tough workout, so thank goodness she cannot hear me. It's getting easier I have to admit.

10). How do I feel about turning 50?

Yes, I actually get asked this. Right off the bat, I want to say that I am so grateful to be here and healthy. However, I am always surprised to see yet another wrinkle, and my hair colorist and I are becoming the best of friends. I can't say I love my collection of wrinkles, and am dreading what I hear will happen to my neck skin, but I know for a fact that we all will be here one day, so I say bring it on. Sunscreen, eye, day and night creams, and a bucket load of water - will be part of the routine. Botox or no Botox - still on the fence with this one. All in all, it's only a number. I do feel happy for where I am right now, and I guess that is all that matters.

11). What's the best luxury item you have purchased recently?

Normally, I don't tend to spend a lot of money on things, as I change my mind often - anywhere from fashion to home decor. However, I do splurge when I feel it's worth it. I recently purchased a milk frother for my coffee, and now take it with me when I travel. I love it and it brings me joy every morning! There's nothing like a great froth! I also purchased these gorgeous long stem wine glasses that I saw on the television series Scandal. They are expensive but totally worth it to me. Sipping a great red in them is something I look forward to. When you work hard for your money, small treats like these make it all worthwhile.

12). What do you love the most about being an Interior Decorator?

To be honest, all of it. I really enjoy helping homeowners find ways to love their homes again. Sometimes it's refreshing their walls with a new coat of paint, sometimes a complete overhaul of the space which includes new furnishings. Every job is different and every style is individual. Making the space beautiful that functions better for the homeowner, now and into the future is all that matters to me.

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? I hope you have enjoyed this small peek into my world, I appreciate our little sharing circle.

Happy Decorating x


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