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  • Tracy Struthers

9 Creative Mason Jar Ideas That Are So Easy to Do.

This time of year, you are likely going to see creative ideas to make your home super cozy and festive. When it comes to DIY crafts, there are three rules I always follow. First is - will I like it after a year? Second - is it easy to do? Third - are the supplies affordable and accessible?

I love the simplicity of mason jars, they are easy to find, and when decorated, can really add a unique flair to any space. The best part of getting creative with these jars is that anyone can do it. You have likely seen a million different ways to decorate them. They can be storage solutions to hold Q-tips and cotton balls, festive decor to salt and pepper shakers - you are sure to find these ideas in your search. I have narrowed it down to my favorite 9 that I am sharing with you today!

1). Succulents

For all you plant lovers out there, this one is for you. What an amazing way to showcase your perfect little succulents! I can see them now on your window sill, your office desk, or bedside tables. A simple DIY!

- Use some white chalk paint in shade Simplicity from Country Chic Paints.

- Paint on a layer to the outside of the jars you are using - and let dry.

- With sandpaper, lightly sand off paint in selected spots to give it that vintage look.

- Fill them with your favorite succulents.

2). Soap Dispensers

Can we say - cute!!!! Such a sweet little soap dispenser for your bathroom or kitchen counter display. Here is how you can have one:

- Paint a mason jar with your color of choice, in a chalk paint from Country Chic Paints.

- Apply two coats and let it dry. Sand lightly for the desired look.

- Apply two coats of sealant, and let it dry.

- Hammer a screwdriver through the mason jar lid to create a hole.

- Place the dispenser pump through the hole.

- Fill with soap.

3). Storage with Knobs


An interesting way to re-purpose mason or even spaghetti jars, with some pretty and colorful knobs. Only a couple of steps to get this look. If this has a true mason jar lid, you will want to glue them together to make it one solid piece. Paint these lids at least twice with some chalk paint with so many colors to choose from Country Chic Paints. Find a huge selection of some decorative knobs at Once you have found the style you like, drill a hole the size of the stem of the knob into your lid. A delightful way to display your tea, coffee, dog treats, spices, or dried pasta.

4). Firefly Lanterns

Lil Blue Boo

Add some fall decorating to your outdoors - while you're cozying up by your fire, or relaxing in the hot tub. With the use of mason jars, dried moss, acorns, and mini lights you can create a lovely sparkly setting. A good tip for the lights - buy ones with timers, so they come on every night at the same time.

5). Vintage Winter Setting

Nelly Vintage Home

Transform small or large mason jars into tea light candle holders! Wouldn't these look so pretty for the upcoming winter season? Take few pinecones and apply some faux snow spray on them - or even lightly paint the tips white. Tie them on with some ribbon of your choice along with sprigs of cedar (real or faux). Insert a tea light and cedar sprigs inside the jar. To add some faux snow, just sprinkle in a little Epson salt.

6). Unique Gifts with Tags

Sometimes the best gifts to receive are those made with you in mind. Give these jars as gifts to your loved ones, filled with their favorite candy, hot chocolate or tea, or maybe some collectibles.

All you have to do is fill them up with their desired content. Secure a fun tag with a festive bow around the jar and place a Merry Christmas jar topper on the lid.

Super easy.

Find these labels here:

7) Luminaria

The Budget Decorator

Such a lovely and festive way to illuminate an indoor or outdoor space. Words, letters, and shapes can be used to decorate these mason jars.

This is what you need:

  • Smooth-sided mason jars

  • Frosted glass spray paint

  • Clear matte sealer, or glitter spray paint

  • Stick on letters, or shapes

  • Spray paint for the lids (optional)

  • LED votive candles

  • Ribbon for lid

Visit this link for step by step instructions on how to make them.

8). Snow and Burlap

Eclectically Vintage

I love how this feels very vintage country, right? A very easy DIY. Fill a jar 1/4 of the way up with Epson salt. Place your candle inside the jar and let in snuggle into the salt. Wrap some burlap or ribbon of your choice around the jar with a fun bulb, and you have the perfect accent to your Festivus.

9). Snowy Festive Jars

Tracy Struthers Lifestyle

A glowing - shimmering illumination is a stunning way to enhance the mood of your room. Very easy to do. It took me less than an hour to make these

All you need is:

-Foam brush

-Mod Podge

-Mason Jars

-Epson Salt

-Ribbon and sprigs of twigs, or greenery

Step 1:

Paint the Mod Podge onto the outside of the jar. I don't like going all to the top. Makes for a nicer effect when lighting them up.

Step 2.

Sprinkle on the Epson salt until all the surface is covered. Let dry. You can spray this after with a sealant, which makes the salt stay on better. They can be messy if people touch the outside afterward.

Step 3.

Decorate them, light them up, and enjoy.

I love a fun DIY, don't you? Thank you for visiting. x

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